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Expectations of Core Raiders

1. Type of Raid

In order to understand the expectations presented below, you must first understand what kind of raid we are. We are a dedicated progression raid. It is not casual by anyone’s definition. We want to have fun, but we have fun by winning. We win when we perform well, make solid progress in every night of raiding, and keep a positive attitude no matter how many wipes we’ve had on a boss. The following rules allow us to do so with the least friction possible.

Guild progression always takes precedence over personal glory and DPS/HPS rankings.

2. Software & Addons

All raiders should have the following items installed. If you need help with configuration talk to an officer.

Mumble is an open-source, low-latency voice communication client. All raiders are required to have mumble installed and pre-configured.
Deadly Boss Mods / BigWigs Bossmods
Deadly Boss Mods & BigWigs display timers and alerts of raid bosses' spells and abilities. All raiders should have their UI arranged in a way that maximizes the visibility of these important events and timers. In addition, all raiders should be running the Alpha version of either addon and updating it daily.
WeakAuras 2
A highly customizable addon that provides cues for various important events such as buffs, debuffs, and other triggers.
Exorsus Raid Tools
ERT provides numerous useful raid tools, including on-screen notes, additional bossmods, and raid cooldown timers.

3. Raid Time

Raid time in this section refers to any official guild raid. Raid time will not be extended unless we have unanimous consent from everyone in the raid. During raid time you are expected to be present and attentive. You should not leave your computer without notifying the rest of the raid, and long absences are generally frowned upon (except for dedicated break times and real life emergencies, of course).

In addition to the amount of time that you are expected to be present for, you are also expected to not split your attention with other tasks. You should not be alt-tabbing, eating, or doing anything but playing your character when we’re in the middle of an encounter. Distractions cause poor performance, and poor performance leads to failure for the whole group. This kind of behavior is extremely rude to your fellow raiders.

4. Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol or drug abuse during raid is entirely unacceptable. Do not come to raid high or drunk or you will be benched. As explained in the Raid Time section, you are expected to be fully attentive and functioning at your best capability during raid time.

5. Working as a Team

All players in the raid are expected to do their best to play with the interest of the raid as a whole in mind. All raiders are required to make the most out of their utility abilities to enable us to succeed as a whole more efficiently. This includes, but is not limited to, all forms of interrupts, CCs, personal damage reduction cooldowns, and off-healing. In addition, when there is a kill priority on a boss (such as Il'gynoth) players should not be tunneling DPS on the thing that gives them the best numbers. Players should not focus on their DPS or HPS when they can make a situation easier to deal with by using utility to help the team. This rule is not limited to progression, and applies in every situation in every farm fight no matter how far you out-gear it.

6. Attitude & Critiques

While in raid it is especially important to keep a positive attitude. Bad attitudes bring morale down and frustrate people, and ultimately lead to failure. This is especially true when dealing with other people giving you critiques for improvement. Do not get defensive or make excuses for a problem. Do not get angry when someone calls you out for doing something wrong. Take it in stride, consider their input, and try to apply it for the next attempt. Do not let your ego control your attitude. No one in our raid is the best at their class. No one in our raid will ever be the best at their class. There is always things you can improve on. Be ready to learn from other players.

7. Encounter Knowledge

All raiders are expected to know as much about the details of upcoming encounters as is possible. There are plenty of resources online about encounters before they are even released because of data that is farmed from PTR & Beta. Do not come to raid expecting to have a whole fight explained to you. Use the guides that we provide and other resources like YouTube videos and WoWHead guides to be as prepared for each fight as you can be.

8. Class Knowledge

All raiders are expected to know the details of how to perform at their best for the classes and specs that they play. Like encounters, there are plenty of resources available online that give detailed information on how to play a spec correctly. Poor performance and obvious failures to play your class correctly will result in benching.

In addition, evaluating logs is required for improving performance on specific encounters. There is no substitute for practice followed by personal evaluation of your play. Being able to benchmark your performance against other competetive raiders and figuring out where and why you fall short is essential to executing every fight in the best possible way. Following a spell priority from a class guide is not enough to truly know your class. Talk to Xinc or Shampooed if you need help evaluating your logs.

9. Gear

Raiders are expected to always have gear correctly gemmed and enchanted. There is rarely any exception to this rule, and if you come to raid with a piece of gear that is not optimized for your class, expect to be benched. Quality plays no part in whether or not this is acceptable. This is true for all items, uncommon to legendary.

10. BYOC

Bring your own consumables. This includes flasks, potions, augment runes, and tomes of the tranquil mind. Do not expect anything to be provided to you for the raid. We will always do our best to help out with this, but do not expect other people to do it for you. This is now especially true in Legion where material costs are extremely high compared to previous expansions. If you need flasks or potions, expect to provide mats for the crafters to make them for you.

11. Failure to Meet Expectations

In general, failure to meet any of the above expectations will result in the player being benched until the problem is resolved. If you are benched for a day, chances are you will be benched for the week. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the raid leader and officers.