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New adventures in Legion!

Mylie a posted Aug 6, 16

Our fun adventures in Warlords of Draenor are coming to an end, but Legion will no doubt bring even better adventures and memories. To some, it may not have been the best expansion, but for me, it was one of the best times I've had in WoW in a really long time. Thank you everyone for contributing to the fun we had in WoD and making it extra special. No regrets, no wishing to go back in time for me. Every single moment in WoD was worth it and I hope you all have just as much fun with us in Legion. 

A reminder of all the fun we had:

Daijobu Awww, Mylie... this made me cry. Thank you so much for putting this together. So many familiar voices, so much joy after...

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Mylie a posted Mar 17, 16

There once was a Club Antisocial
Their heart & strength was colossal
Here's a screenshot for you
of the fun that we do
We're ready to storm more green castles!

Have a safe St. Patty's Day everybody!

End of WoD Video

Mylie a posted Feb 11, 16

We had an amazing fun time this expansion. We ended with the highest raiding rank we've ever had together as a guild, but most of all, we pushed ourselves harder and worked great together as a team. We hope everyone enjoyed the memories as much as we did. Here is a video highlighting our raiding adventures! Legion is going to be uber fun with you guys! <3

BlizzCon 2015

Mylie a posted Nov 9, 15

This is ASC's 3rd BlizzCon together and 2nd year sharing a house together! Out of the 31 of us who showed up for BlizzCon, 24 were sharing a house together! It was a ton of fun and it was great meeting old and new friends. Xinc and I hope we get to see you again next year for more memories and even more fun.  Also, a big thank you for helping with Xinc's surprise birthday party!  Because of all the amazing moments we had, we are sad to see this week end. Thank you all for making this the best BlizzCon to date.

Amazing teamwork everyone! We had a fun tier and best one yet! Xinc and I are proud of all your effort and dedication. Thank you for sticking it out til the end. Xinc and I always believed in you guys and you proved you are all awesome! Can't wait to see what Legion has in store for us!

US#13! Mythic Mannoroth Down!

Mylie a posted Aug 22, 15

Congrats to ASC main raiders. Your positive attitude towards defeating Mannoroth and Xinc's belief in your ability to do so, has helped us gain tremendous momentum! We are very proud of you all. Only one more boss to go! We can do it!

11/13M US#18!

Mylie a posted Aug 12, 15

Congrats guys!!!! We did it! Only two more bosses to go! 

Our nerd screams:

9/13M Congrats ASC Raiders!

Mylie a posted Jul 27, 15

Thanks to all your fantastic dedication and perserverance we have reached top 20 US! It's been a real blast so far.

Mythic Fel Lord Zakuun (9/13M)


Mythic Iskar: Abidez was so excited to head to Fel Lord Zakuun.

Aviandan Make it 10 or 11 TONIGHT! lol
Aviandan Congrats guys! So proud of you all